To Write a Blog

Let me get this straight. You want me to…blog?

That was my complete reaction to my professor’s announcement that each of us was to create our very own blog.

Blogs are for people who think others should care what they have to say. Blogs are for people who may or may not have a day job, it’s ambiguous because their feed reads like a paid Instagram millennial traveler photographer who has wanderlust. Blogs are for people who aspire to create a “curated lifestyle” that you too can achieve if only you follow the links to discover perfect places to shop and eat. Blogs are for people who think their lives are so interesting that people will want to read about it on the daily. To make sure I wasn’t alone, I asked my roommate what the first word was that popped into her head when I said the words “blog” and “blogger”. She said pretentious. Boom. Case in point.

Have I read any blogs?

Well, not really, it just seems like those are, you know, the kind of people who blog. You know?

Ok, so I admit my initial assessment may have been a bit presumptuous and unfair. My second reaction dawned on me slowly. This could be fun. I could design my own website. I could write about whatever I want. I felt a bit like a person on a diet who was told by their personal trainer they have to eat a bowl of ice cream– I mean, if you insist.

I don’t presume that anyone will or should care about what I post, and that’s okay. My goal for this blog is not that people envy my lifestyle (it’s pretty unglamorous) or find what I write about amazing and illuminating and compelling. My goal is to get better at writing. And the only way to do that is to write, be it via blog or formal essay. All writing has value.

So. Here’s my pledge going forward with this whole blog thing. I promise that whatever I write it will be honest. Whether it be book review, class reflection, or attempted heartwarming anecdote- it will be authentic. The word pretentious will not be in my vocabulary. My writing might not be impressive, but it’ll be real.



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