When I think of Sabbath, I think of the Old Testament. Rituals, priests, sacrifices and all that good stuff. Strict rules and limited productivity for the people of the Jewish faith.

But there is something special about the Sabbath that is unique to any other religion. The Jews are the only people to have a holy time, rather than a holy place.

This was pointed out to me in a lecture by guest professor Peter Kreeft the other day. Sabbath, he said, is when time is measured in spirit- not hours or minutes or any of the other traditional quantifiers.

What does this mean for us?

To me, it means we have the ability to commune with God wherever we are, to enter into time spent with him with the same awed reverence that you would enter the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s Netflix on demand instead of driving to Blockbusters- (on a much, much higher level of course) and it’s God’s gift to us.

He knew we could only handle life in small increments so he designed a day of rest. And how often do I ignore that speed bump.

There’s something intensely personal about having a holy time. That the God of the universe would meet me right where I am is almost too much to grasp. But the veil was torn and here we are, with an open invitation and door to commune with Christ.

Makes me think. Do I sit down to listen to God with the mindset that this time is holy? Is church more of a concert and marketing event rather than a holy time and place? Is Sabbath a concept or strictly the 7th day of the week?

I’m not sure I can answer any of those questions. But I do know that hearing that a time could be holy, that the act of resting in God is holy, was refreshing to hear in a time when life is so busy. And I have so desperately needed a holy time.


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