Creative Collaboration Reflection

The creative collaboration exercise was basically collective brainstorming, a chance to bounce ideas off of others and see what your ideas look like to someone hearing about them. The concept was great and I would do it again. However, I came only with the very basics of an idea for a story, so I wasn’t able to get much of a critique. My partner suggested a direction for the story I hadn’t considered before and I will definitely take her ideas into consideration when coming up with my first draft.

It’s helpful to brainstorm together and focus on quantity of ideas rather than quality at the preliminary stages.

I think for the most part I brainstorm and evaluate my ideas solely with myself. I don’t normally voluntarily share my ideas for writing then offer them up for critique. That’s why having to go to the ARC was so weird to me when I started classes last year. But I’ve grown to appreciate the advice and extra set of eyes I come away with whenever I go. And it’s the same deal here, with this exercise too.

Overall, the exercise was a good experience and I would do it again. I don’t think I needed all the time that was given, but that’s ok.


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