The Little Things: 6 Dorm Life Essentials

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living the dorm life, it’s that the little things make all the difference. For your enjoyment and general reference I’ve compiled a list of easy tricks to make life in the dorm that much more manageable.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Most essential thing ever. Don’t fight me on this. My roommate and I are not slobs. We don’t smell bad (most of the time). Yet every morning we would wake up to a stuffy, slightly off smelling room. Enter oil diffuser: bad smell is gone, our room smells like lavender, and life is complete. If not an oil diffuser, at least invest in a plug-in or incense. You’re gonna like the way it smells, I guarantee it.

Mood Lights

Fluorescents kill all vibes and crush the spirit. If your room feels more like an office than a hangout space, get some warm halogen string lights or throw some Edison bulbs somewhere. They’re cheap and look 100000 times better than the flo-flo’s, as we call them in our room.


When your roommate has class at 8 but it’s your day to sleep in, the last thing you want is to be awake while they crash around getting ready at 7. Sounds are magically amplified in the early hours of the day so that a drawer closing sounds like a door slamming, and a door slamming sounds like a car crash. Not to mention the incessant beeping from the catering trucks outside, or the people who decide to have a conversation right outside your door at midnight. I wised up and got some earplugs last semester and that, my friends, that has made all the difference.

Sleeping Mask

Hate to say it, but wearing this dorky thing will take your sleep from a 5 to at least a 7 instantly. In the dead of night the blinds in my room probably shut out about 60% of the light coming from outside. Sometimes my roommate stays up later than me, and it’s necessary to make your own sleeping environment. Darkness is key in balancing melatonin levels to allow the brain to get in sleep mode, so if you don’t have a sleeping mask, I 10/10 recommend one.

Command Hooks and Poster Putty

These two things “save lives” according to my friend. But I bet you already knew that. I could make a book with all the uses, both intended and not intended, that I’ve put these things to. Need I say more?

Laying in Bed

Tired? Lay in bed. Stressed? Lay in bed. Bored? Lay in bed. Unmotivated? Lay in bed. Laying in bed is a DIY remedy for just about everything that works every time. You don’t even have to sleep! Just laying in bed and doing nothing for 15 mins will inexplicably rejuvenate you.


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