Wrapping Up

Blogging has kind of been a plot twist for me. I had never written anything like a blog before. Not a formal essay for an instructor, but not like a personal letter to a friend. Not even something in between the two. It’s just you and your thoughts about whatever writing to everyone and no one. … More Wrapping Up

Jack of All Trades

Jack of all trades, master of none. It’s a phrase that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now. Especially since I started college. I am an English major who was planning on majoring in Marketing as well until I realized the zero flexibility that plan would allow for taking other classes … More Jack of All Trades

Another Day of Sun

Sunday was like something from a dream. It was quite literally a ray of sun on a cloudy day. Except the day was more like 5 months. The ray was the one day thing. An enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders at the conclusion of last week. Paper was submitted, event was successfully hosted, articles … More Another Day of Sun

Why Grammar?

Grammar is that part of writing that is dry and nit-picky. But oh, how annoying it is when you come across bad grammar in writing! By necessity, then, grammar is instrumental in the education of writing. It was only when I started studying Spanish did I realize the importance of grammar. None of the rules were … More Why Grammar?

busy + tired

I’ve been so tired these past few weeks. So tired that I’m not even going to bother defending the fact this is the most overused statement in college. Period. Besides “I’m starving” or “I’m dying,” both of which I hear on the daily, sometimes out of my own mouth. Here’s how it all started: a … More busy + tired

Gendered Writing (?)

Everyone writes differently, but I didn’t consider that these differences could be attributed to gender. But it would make sense. Men think differently than women, and writing is an expression of thought. Elizabeth Flynn, in her article “Composing as a Woman” marks the differences between female and male narratives. “The narratives of the female students are stories … More Gendered Writing (?)